About Us

The word legacy is defined as; “anything handed down from the past. As from an ancestor or predecessor.” Legacy Café, based in the historic Hill District community in Pittsburgh, PA is birthed from the historic sights, sounds and tastes of the community.

Established in 2012 by Leeretta Payne, Legacy Café is a business catering company serving government agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, movie productions and political events within the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County region. Legacy Café specializes in drop off services ranging from budget friendly to full service setups.

Growing up the Hill District, Leeretta gained her likeness for cooking from her grandmother Mable Payne, Mother Rosie Lee Payne and Aunt Tamuel Chandler. Her grandmother and aunt sang in bands and lived in the middle of the jazz era. She remembers cooking mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving while in middle school as her first dish. Now her recipes offer old favorite dishes with healthier options.

Her menu items, named after famous entities of the Jazz era are made from fresh fruits and vegetables from local Farmers Markets because of her belief in supporting local small businesses.

  • Little Haiti salads are named after what is currently known as the Lower Hill District. Little Haiti was home to 150 runaway slaves from Virginia.
  • Loendi Club Chocolate Cookies represent the Loendi Club which serviced a selective wealthy and elite membership. Originally located in the lower Hill District the club was named after a river in Africa.

Legacy Café has earned a bronze star from the sustainable Restaurant Pittsburgh, the first in the city of Pittsburgh and Legacy is a member of Live Well Allegheny County.