The business of food humanitarianism

Posted on - January 26, 2018

By design, we have made it our BUSINESS, from a corporate and personal standpoint, to use Legacy Café as a vehicle to spread social good. Leading by example, in our own little way, we are addressing food insecurities – which is not only a local issue, but also impacts every corner of the world. The most interesting tidbit is that the face of need in Pittsburgh, and America as a whole, is as diverse as the people in the stadium of a Steelers game on any given day. In short, food insecurities affect people from all walks of life, color spectrums, ages, education levels and social-economic classifications; and can often time be correlated with other societal issues such as sub-par medical and psychological health, unemployment and crime to name a few.

Click here to check out the partnerships we are forming and how we are tackling this challenge one piece of food at a time.

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